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Fate Stay Night: Rider by Ebcraft / Enterbrain

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This is Rider from Fate Stay night.

I have mixed feelings about this figure. When I was making a decision on which Rider to collect, there were three choices. One was by Good Smile company 1/8 scale. The second one was this and final one was another GSC figure in a maid uniform. Wanting to stick with Fate Stay night (original) atmosphere, the maid uniform version was kicked out.

Ultimately, I favored the pose of this figure over GSC version's.

This figure is of 1/7 scale and is by Ebcraft / Enterbrain. Even though she is 1/7 scale, it goes okay with 1/8 scale figures due to her pose. She goes quite well of Archer 1/8 scale by Alter.

I was very, very, careful when taking her out of the box. Her medusa-like hair feels very stiff and will likely snap if you handle it roughly. While the hair does look impressive from a distance, I'd be very wary of handing this figure. Dusting her hair off is going to be an issue.

Additionally, connecting the figure into its base wasn't an easy task, either. When eventually installed very carefully, the figure felt stable and firm. The paint job has some faults, not to mention blatant bad gluing jobs they did with her hair. But this is a 10+ year-old figure now. I will give it a break.

Aside of the issues with her hair, the figure overall does look nice. The chains are metal while her weapons are plastic. Paint job elsewhere is alright. I mean you can't go too wrong with pitch black coloring.

The base is as simple as it can; it's just a plain black plastic with a single joint. The joint is very short but secures the figure rather firmly. Her face sculpt looks accurate enough and her eye mask is optional. You can also arrange the chain however you like. Just ... be careful with those hair strands. 

I feel this pose is superior to the pose of the GSC figure where Rider is on her four with her hips high up.

I acquired this figure at 80USD brand new from Ebay. This figure is hard-to-find though, especially brand new.

I'd give this figure an overall grade of B. Her hair has too many issues. It looks good on her and that's about only positive point. Mismatched colors (or just bad shading), bad glue job, and its potential to break is just too high. Another minor issue I'd like to bring up is that her hands don't firmly hold onto her weapons. The weight of its chain certainly doesn't help. Her right hand holds her weapon just firmly enough, but her left hand gave me issues. Not wanting to mess with her fragile hair stands, I am probably going to take her weapon off her left hand.

I also did not bother with equipping her eye mask. I was hoping it was magnetic but it wasn't. I had to push it in and let it hang between her hair which wasn't something I was going to risk.

I wager this figure will look far better in a distance rather than close up. Angle will matter as well. Look from below and the figure looks better for more than one reason.


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