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Souko Okita

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Dekobokko Arc from Gintama. It is a very hilarious arc where all characters in the series swap genders.

While it lasted only three episodes, two characters from this arc became figures. The more popular one is this Souko (Sougo) Okita. This figure is by Megahouse and is 1/8 scale. The height of this figure is 22cm but it's 21cm to the tip of her head.

Fully taking advantage of Sougo Okita's sadistic side, Souko becomes a full sadist. Dressed in a Japanese high school uniform, she also becomes quite sexy with her whip. Her dominating pose as well as the swirling whip, yep, this is Souko in full sadist mode. 

Perhaps more importantly, her skirt is cast-off. More on that soon.

The quality of this figure is excellent and I don't really have anything to complain. This is one of better figures I've come across. The price is also reasonable with the quality which stands at around 120USD. If I must point out a fault on this figure, it's her whip. It should have been removable from her hand and Megahouse should have included an additional arm in place of the whip arm.

The whip also dangles a lot which isn't really a issue on its own since it is flexible.


Her cast off skirt is removed by uninstalling her upper body. The joint is firm, yet not too firm. You can pick up the figure by holding her head and expect the joint to hold firm. Overall, the removal of her skirt is a smooth process. And, in spite of being secured by a foot, the figure is stable and it does not dangle. This is a good and important thing.

Once her skirt is removed, you will see her dark purple "normal" woman's underwear which I would wager to be a proper choice. I was sort of expecting to see a thong though, eh.

Overall, I do recommend this figure, especially if you are collecting Gintama figures. Even if you aren't a fan of Gintama, this figure might as well be worth to collect. I mean, how often do you see a sadist figure? 

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