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Yuri Lowell by Alter

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This is Yuri Lowell by Alter from Tales of Vesperia. This is a 1/8 scale and its height is 21cm.

My most favorite character in Tales of is Yuri Lowell. For the record, I've played all PS2 and PS3 releases of Tales of since Tales of Abyss. I began playing Tales of games on PC once they were released on Steam. I don't have PS4 but all Tales of games on PS4 is available on PC, so that's moot.

My reason for liking Yuri Lowell is his moral flexibility especially during early game. Compared to Flynn, Yuri is so much more relatable as well as realistic.

He is sarcastic, flirts with women if able, and can be mean as well as kind. While his romantic relationship is rather clouded, that's only a minor complaint. Most ship him with Estelle or Judith. Personally, I ship him with Estelle.

As expected from Alter, this figure is excellent. I can't fault painting. I can't fault sculpting. I do have a minor complaint with his blade sheath which falls off upon the slightest contact. This is due to the joint being too shallow. The joint just doesn't go deep enough to secure the prop properly. If you are brave enough, you can simply glue it. But doing so will devalue the figure in case you want to sell it.

The box also comes with a chibi Yuri which is very cute. This chibi is very well made with its head being able to rotate around. If you are buying a used one, do make sure the seller is including this chibi figure. I've seen some listings where this chibi figure wasn't included.  If it's unclear, ask the seller.

I say this because this chibi figure is worth as much as the scale Yuri figure.

Overall, this figure is worth the money. You don't see many figures that come with its own chibi figures at this price point. Granted, this figure is now 10+ years old and hard to find brand new. But prices for used is reasonable. Just make sure that its condition is A+. Since this is a male, fully clothed, figure, second figures should be alright. Its previous owner wouldn't have ... played with it (sexually).

Never buy lewd figures secondhand for this reason.

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