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Persona 4 collection

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This is my Persona 4 figure collections. All available characters have been gathered. This includes the entire main cast along with the main antagonist and a supporting character (Nanako).

This collection has taken me about a year, not because the figures were hard to get, but because I sometimes lost interest in it mid way due to other,  more desirable, figures becoming available along the way. I am sure you can understand this if you are a figure collector.

Below is the list of characters in this collection. (First / Last name order)

1. Yuu Narukami (The guy in middle w/ light gray hair)

2. Chie Satonaka (The girl standing on one leg)

3. Yosuke Hanamura (A guy with a headset)

4. Yukiko Amagi (The girl with long dark hair, plus red top)

5. Kanji Tatsumi (The dude with a chair)

6. Nanako Dojima (The little girl with a stack of TVs)

7. Teddie (Bear?)

8. Rise Kujikawa (The girl pointing at Kanji)

9. Naoto Shirogane (The girl in deep thoughts)

10. Tohru Adachi (The dude with cabbage in a bag)

11. Marie (The girl sitting on the books)


Popular characters were made by Megahouse which inevitably means higher quality with 1/8 scale. Yuu, Chie, Rise, and Yukiko are by Megahouse. 

Tohru is a unique case where a small company produced him in a proper scale. Tohru is not a popular figure but is a rather niche character. All other ones are by either Taito or Sunny sideup with an exception Marie who is made by SEGA in also non-scale.

What this ultimately means for collectors is that some planning is required to make the whole collection somewhat coherent in size.



For an example, Naoto has two choices. One is by Taito (1/10 scale-ish) and another by Sunny sideup (1/7 scale-ish). I ultimately chose Sunny sideup version for its pose despite her being really out of scale compared to others. On the other hand, Naoto by Taito was simply too small. Ah, yes, I did acquire Naoto by Taito but sold her on Ebay soon after. Naoto's height is around 150cm while Rise is around 155cm. So, she should not be taller than Rise but she is anyway in the photo below. This is due to Naoto being around 1/7 scale whereas Rise is 1/8 scale. However, positioning can solve this when displayed in a glass unit.



Price wise, Megahouse figures are the most expensive ones. The most expensive figure in this collection is Chie due to her being sold out early and thus becoming very rare. By now, expect to shell out more than 200USD for her figure, brand new. At the same time, Yuu and Yukiko are fairly inexpensive due to far lesser demand. In fact, I grabbed Yukiko for about 40USD. However, Yukiko figure isn't the best. Her figure has got some faults as well as fundamental design issues.



Rise patches about the normal price for a 2010-ish Megahouse figure which is about 100USD. She is also the most sexy figure with skirt being cast off. I will cover more on her later. You can also see her panties from only slightly lower angle. That's how short her skirt is. 

To be fair, Chie's shirt is just as short but she wears a black shorts. Yukiko's shirt is more reasonable length but still very short when you think in realism.

What I am trying to say this that their skirts are way too short when worn in real world which is quite frankly nothing new nowadays.

Good news (or bad for some) is that bust sizes of all girls are reasonable.



Tohru Adachi is made by a small company called "Contribe" which as far as I know released only few handful of figures. I am not even sure whether the company is still active at this point. The quality of his figure is good. The box comes with a bonus (insane face) and an extra hand that's holding a gun. The main issue with Tohru figure is the base. The base joint is very long and is plastic. This is literally a recipe for disaster because the joint will be easy to break if handled wrong. Don't ever take the figure off the base once installed. That's the only way to ensure that you won't break the joint.

Kanji is the tallest character in Persona 4. But him being made by Taito means his scale is more of 1/10. Still his pose throws you off his rather tiny size in addition to his naturally larger size. Therefore, he barely makes the cut to be with other 1/8 scale figures.



The two sexy girls of Persona 4 are Rise Kujikawa (Left) and Chie Satonaka (Right). The game (or anime series or even manga) sexualizes both in a very different way. Rise is openly sexualized because of her status as a popular idol. it becomes too much to handle for her at which point she flees from the spot light - that's where she meets up with Yuu and Co.

Chie Satonaka is, bluntly put, a tomboy. Her short hair, her love for kung-fu and actually doing the moves (usually on Yosuke), and her self-awareness of her uncertain femininity play out badly for her in early part of the game. 

In my opinion though, Satonaka is my favorite character of all Persona series. She may feel uncertain about her femininity but that's her charm.

Since we are on a topic of femininity, I will bring up Yukiko who is the most lady-like but is quite literally deprived of boys' attentions. I could tell she really enjoyed Yuu's company. The reason she can't get any is due to her position as a heir to a very popular inn. She is expected to inherit her mother's business and public expectation of her is an elegant woman which Yukiko in fact is. But she's only a teen. Teenagehood is that period of our lives where we flirt. She couldn't flirt or be flirted and this becomes a main issue for her later on.



I also must mention Chie Satonaka figure's issue. The figure itself is excellent. However, the figure, being secured on one foot with her weight balance leaning sideways, dangles A LOT even from subtle environmental vibrations. This will weaken her point to its base on her foot and will break off eventually. A way to delay this is by using her second upper body (Summer uniform) which moves her center of weight to more center, making the figure more stable. But the figure will still dangle.



Above is my collection in a display unit. I ran out of space and some positional sacrifices had to be made but overall I am pleased how everything turned out. It wasn't the smoothest collecting I've experienced though because of figure choices i had to make along with few SAL shipments taking 90+ (!!!) days to arrive. But it's done.

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