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Genshiken collection

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This is my Genshiken collection. Genshiken is basically a story about a group of hardcore otaku belonging to the same club at their university. My focus here is season 1 because season 2 and onward wasn't really worth my time.


Due to all of the figures being manufactured in 2004ish, all figures show some signs of age. Still, I was able to acquire most of them brand new. Only characters from Kujibiki Unbalance were purchased used.

While I do have the full Genshikan manga, the front covers weren't impressive. Genshiken new edition front covers, however, look darn awesome which was why I purchased two of them just for the display. I haven't even torn its plastic wrap off them.

It took me 6 months to track down Genshiken trading figure set and the set cost me around 60 USD. I did locate pieces of it at unreasonable prices. When I finally tracked down a full set, the seller was from Hong Kong which made me skeptical. Alas, having no choice and not wanting to let go of a chance that came after 6 months, I pulled the trigger.

In the end, I do think they are genuine. Their quality as well as maker signatures indicate that they aren't like bootlegs.

Everything else was easy to acquire; it was just a matter of finding better deals.

Most of figures are decent. Even trading figures are of good quality for its size. I do, however have an issue with Saki figure by Yamato. Well, look below.

Her ankles have been slowly, progressively bending. And, right now, the figure is unable to stand still. This figure was taken out of the display of course and was replaced by Good smile version.

It should be obvious but I did not purchase the figure with its ankle bent like that. The figure was fine. For some odd, divine, reasons, her ankles bent while all of my other figures are perfectly fine.  It took me a year to notice that the figure was bending and, at that point, no matter what I did, the figure bent back.

Overall, though, this collection was fun.

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