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Doll house building (for a project)

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For a while, I've been thinking of investing in few doll houses to use as a background prop & more for figure photographs. I never got around actually going for it, until now.

Actually, on second though, a grown map building a doll house is never a pleasing thought. Though I reason with myself that this needs to be done for a bigger project of mine.

This would be my very first time building anything like this. In other words, I have absolutely no experience in this.

The manual is okay. You don't actually need to read anything. The pictures are enough to tell me what to do. Measurements are in either cm or mm. Thankfully, I am comfortable with metric system.

Every single element of the house needs to be manually glued together. The progress is really slow at the beginning due to having near a hundred of small parts. It literally becomes a 3D puzzle.

And some, actually most, assembly requires eyeballing instead of precise measurement. A good example is a spot where the door is supposed to go. The manual doesn't say anything. I basically had to build the door first and then add 1mm to the width of the door.

Manual says one thing. Actual stuff tell me another. While I am getting a hang of this, some of stuff are just not accurate and I am forced to improvise. If it's longer than it's supposed to be, I grind it down. The issue is when stuff is shorter than they are supposed to be. Good news is that none of it is game breaking issues and I felt I could be creative enough to get around the issues.

By time I started to build furniture, I became used to the basic gist and started to go on without reading the instruction. I didn't have to build exactly according to the instruction after all. The kit also includes wires, LEDs, a battery pack, AND a controller for LED lights. I don't intent to install them because I won't be needing it, for now at least.

I need more than just this cake house. I need street floor prop and another doll house since this one alone won't fit the whole scene. This kit costs me 75CAD and is one of the most expensive ones in this company's lineup. I know I should have gone for something smaller, thus easier, but this kit was the only one in stock from Amazon that I wanted. Others I wanted would ship from China and, from my experience, it\'d take 3 ~ 5 weeks. I plan to acquire several more of these doll houses for photographs.

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