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Gintama collection

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Gintama collection is my largest collection and was my first collection I attempted. This whole collection is also my largest dedicated to a single series.

With over 40+ Gintama figures, this collection takes up one of my entire display units (4 levels).

While it should be fairly obvious, I will state that Gintama is one of my most favorite series. This series has a habit of breaking the 4th wall whenever the characters feel like it and it can be dead series or hilariously comical or even might make you wail like a baby. It is also a long running series and has most of characters in figure forms.

All (1/8) scale figures are from Megahouse with a sole exception of Kyubei which was made by Alpha x Omega. And Kyubei figure happens to be my #1 favorite figure in the collection as well followed by Hijitaka figure.

The beginning of this collection started with me collecting cheap Gintama figures from Banpresto. At that time, I wasn't fully aware of quality differences between premium figures and low-end figures because, on pictures, I couldn't see much difference and, thus, preferred purchasing cheaper ones. However, when I happened to snatch a cheap Gintama megahouse figure, I began to see the clear quality differences.

Long story short, I stopped purchasing Banpresto figures since then unless I had no other choice which brings up Shinpachi. He appears in almost all episodes and, yet, due to his low popularity as well as him being "95% glasses, 3% water, 2% trash" (by Gintoki).

I am being quite serious here. Shinpachi's glasses are actually, really, available for purchase but his scale figure is not. Yeah....

I also wanted Sadaharu (The big white dog) but there is no figure for him. However, there is Sadaharu piggy bank which is almost like a figure, so I grabbed it. There are also Sadaharu pillows & cushions but they are way too big.
So, I settled on that Sadaharu piggy bank model.

The most expensive Gintama figure was Kamui & Souko both at 150USD.
The most inexpensive Gintama figure was Gintoki at 25USD.

The whole collection took 2 and half years to reach this point. I still collect some (rare) trading figures if found though. You may have noticed that I've collected some voice trading figures. Those are hard to find at good prices.

Another aspect I do like about this collection is a healthy ratio of males and females. I don't like it when it's all females or harem (1 male & ∞ females).

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