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Tales of Vesperia collection

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Tales of Vesperia is my favorite #1 game in the whole series followed by Tales of Berseria.

Therefore, it didn't make me hesitate at all when I decided to collect its figures. It'a also worthwhile to note that Vesperia remains to be the only series in Tales of to have the most complete collection in figures.

Another notable trend in Vesperia figures is that all scale (1/8) figures are made by Alter who is known for its quality while all trading figures are made by Kotobukiya who has also done very decent job in the trading figures for this series. While it would really be nice to have a scale Judith join the ranks, it's quite hard to complain when you consider other Tales of games have got only few characters made into scale figures.

So, with that out of the way, let's get down to the business.


The scale figures are Yuri, Flynn, Raven, Estelle, and Rita. That's 5 of them. Juditch would have made this perfect but, again, I am not complaining.

With the game being remastered for new year of 2019, Alter has announced that they are making another Yuri figure with Repede in 1/8 scale. I pre-ordered this in spite of its high price tag. I ordered it just for Repede.

The scales figures are all excellent, top of line. The scale figures also come with a chibi counterpart which is exclusive only to Alter Vesperia figures. 



Really, Alter did excellent job here. The scale figures are gorgeous and the chibi figures are cute.

If I have to be anal about it, there are few faults on the figures. For an example, Estelle scale figure are not tightly connected to the base and will knock off its base if handled wrongly. And Yuri's blade scabbard is very loosely attached and will fall off by the slightest touch. Finally, Raven's bow is fragile as hell, so I am not even bothering to display it. But those are minor faults and nothing to go crazed about them.


Price wise, do expect to pay premium for the Alter figures. The trading figures are cheap on Ebay. Each one will cost about 20 USD a pop with some being more expensive due to being in higher demand or being rarer. Nevertheless, collecting the trading figures won't pose you an issue in general. It's the Alter figures that might make you want to pull your hair out.

Alter Estelle and Rita seem common enough to get them for around 100USD. Alter Flynn should be the cheapest because he is one of the least popular characters. Do expect to pay hefty sum for Yuri and Raven though. These are rather old figures by 2018 and no re-run has been done on any of them.


The whole collection took me around 2 years. Availability wasn't an issue. Price was though.

I haggled and struck bundle deals to save on shipping as well as lowering prices for figures themselves. The overall progress was slow and that's why it took 2 years to get them all. This is overall a good collection, for me at least. I tend to like it when male and female ratio is well balanced.  Why do I say this? Because I also have God Eater collection where male to female figure ratio is very unbalanced.

Now, I don't mind females themselves but I am a believer of a brief that females shine better among males instead of just female figures standing next to each other.

Well, each to their own, I guess.

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