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Fate Stay Night collection

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When I began this collection, I set few rules.

The first rule was that I would not go beyond Fate Hollow Ataraxia. I would not purchase characters outside of that. Another rule was one figure per character. 

Overall, it was relatively easy to choose which figures to purchase. My biggest hurdle was choosing which Rin figure to go with because she has like 6 different ones in different scales. Saber has even more figures than Rin but surprisingly Saber was easy to choose, for me at least.

When choosing Rin figure, I wanted a dynamic pose. I also wanted to stick to 1/8 scale if possible. I eventually ended up with Enterbrain version. While I loved Souyokusha version of Rin, she was 1/7 scale with its height at 25cm. Enterbrain version of Rin is also 1/7 scale. However, in reality, the figure is almost 1/8 scale. If it wasn't for her pose, the figure height would end up around 21cm. I also took figure base off to reduce further height of the figure.

Finally, I read that the foot joint of this figure might be fragile, but it seems rock solid to me.


Another hurdle was choosing which Rider figure to go with. There were three choices. The first one is from GSC (1/8 scale). The second one is also from GSC in a maid uniform (1/8 scale). The third one is from Enterbrain (1/7 scale). Since I was sticking with the original atmosphere, the maid version was omitted. Eventually, I also chose Enterbrain version because I felt GSC version was too small and I did not like the pose (On four with her butt high up which is an iconic pose for Rider but well).

Despite being 1/7 scale, Enterbrain Rider figure blends well with the rest of figure. You can hardly tell she is a 1/7 scale due to her pose.

Choosing Archer was easy but took years. Like Rider, there were three choices. Alter had one (1/8 scale, 25cm height). Aquamarine had one (1/7 scale, massive 30cm height). Enterbrain had one (1/7 scale, 20cm due to pose).

I wanted the Alter version, primarily due to a fact that Alter version had Emiya head and a bow. Aquamarine version wasn't even considered due to him being massive and face being completely off.

The trouble was that Alter version was in demand and aftermarket price was insane. Thankfully, Alter chose to do a re-run for this figure and released the re-run in 2017. So, I was able to grab him at a normal price. I wasn't even going to start Fate stay night collection without Alter archer that my real efforts to finish this collection began after I acquired Archer.

Sakura also has several choices but this one was a no-brainer. 

Illy was also easy to choose because I basically had one choice.

So, there you have it. This is my complete Fate Stay Night collection, for now. I say "for now" because Chulainn (Lancer) is going to be released later this year by Orange Rouge. I am 100% going to grab him because I like the dude and this collection needs more males. I am not betting on a Berserker figure. As for Assassin, I thought Furyu might go for it but they didn't.

Finally, Medea was very unlikeable character in original Fate stay night until her death scene, so it comes no surprise to me that her scale figure is not available. One could say the same for Rider, but you know, Rider is sexy. Sex sells after all.

As for individual reviews on figures, I've done so on Alter archer and Enterbrain Rider.

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