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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 1

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This is part 1 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

I wasn’t going to collect any figures or tanks from Girls und Panzer. I like the anime series overall but the characters were all females and they weren’t my types. (School uniforms and gravity-defying short skirts – too common, I felt)

Well, all that changed when BT-42 and Mika showed up in the first movie with Säkkijärven Polkka as BGM.
That specific scene lingered in my mind for some days and it made me to decide to go for it.

However, there were some things to decide before going for the collection. I would normally collect 1/8 scale figures but that wasn’t going to happen in this collection because I also wanted to collect the tanks. In fact, tanks would be my main targets instead of the girls.
For a tank to go okay with 1/8 scale figures would take up too much space and it wasn’t going to be wallet friendly, either, not to mention it’s very hard to find 1/12 or 1/18 tank kits. 

Before deciding anything though, I decided to get GSC pre-painted BT-42 and a Mika figure (1/10 scale from Medicom) just to see how those two go before committing to this. Why not go for nendoroids? Well, I am not very fond of nendoroids.

For the Mika figure itself, the quality is surprisingly acceptable. Paint lines are not going haywire and I do like a fact that its base is very small and transparent. For this project I am doing, the base being transparent helps. Perhaps more importantly, it does look like Mika. I've seen far worse quality trading figures. I can tell you that much.

Medicom has 5 characters from Girls und Panzer. Mika, Anchovy, Miho, Maho, and Darjeeling. What this means is that I will be collecting at least 5 tanks. Actually in Anchovy’s case, I might add 2 tanks, P40 and CV33.

Finally, Max factory has Katyusha & Nonna model kit which you need to glue parts by yourself but this kit is a trading figure size and should fit well with other Medicom figures. And, for Katyusha & Nonna, I will be collecting T34 and IS-2 tanks.

Finally, there is a Chouno Ami trading figure. If you don’t remember her (by name), she is a tank instructor who shows up in early stage of the show and does show up after that occasionally. She drives tank type 10 which is a modern tank (2012).

So, in total so far, my plan is to collect 9 tanks and 7 trading figures. Katyusha & Nonna model kit is one figure as Katyusha sits on top of Nonna’s shoulders. More on this kit in part 2.

Now let’s get back to the topic of BT-42 and Mika.

The scale is mildy incorrect between Mika and BT-42. The tank should be bigger by at least 50% but I don’t have a choice.
GSC BT-42 is non-scale but, in reality, the tank is pretty much 1/35 scale. I realize there are 1/35 scale figures by Platz specifically for 1/35 scale tanks but they are too small (5mm in height), so I am going with this set up: 1/35 scale tanks with trading figures.

The length of real BT-42 is 5.7 meters (570cm). Length of GSC BT-42 is 15cm. Do the math. It’s damn close enough to call GSC BT-42 a 1/35 scale.

There is nothing too special about the tank. It's basically an assembled kit without any paintings. The turret can come off and it has a place to install a nendoroid specifically designed for this tank, but I won't be using that.

Meanwhile, I feel GSC BT-42 is too clean. No tank is that clean, even those in museums. Therefore, I’ve decided to get into airbrushing. Mind you that I’ve never used an airbrush before in my whole life, nevermind painting even. So, this is going to be a big step for me.

Additionally, I’ve decided to build the tanks instead of purchasing pre-made GSC ones. I’ve chosen this route because I’ve decided to get into airbrushing and GSC doesn’t have all tanks I need.
Besides, Tamiya tank kits are far cheaper and some are readily available in my country, Canada for cheap.

Russian tank, T-34, for an example, can be sourced at just 30 CAD from whereas I’d need to spend nearly 100CAD (shipping included) for either GSC pre-made or Platz T-34 kit, plus weeks of waiting for shipping.
The problem is, though, the decals. Platz Girls und panzer tank kits come with proper decals, but you can get those cheap from ebay. They come from China, so I am expecting it in a month or so.

Part 2 will be regarding building Tamiya T-34 1/35 scale kit and Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit as well as my first venture into airbrushing. Since T-34 kit is cheap, I am prepared to ruin this tank.

Ultimately, if I can get a hang of airbrushing, I’d like to get into garage kits. I am actually having my eyes on Mikko & Mika garage kit.

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