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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 2

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This is part 2 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Before I begin, some painting supplies and airbrush kit are here.

Tamiya cement glue (x2), numerous paints, and an air compressor as well as an airbrush tool. The air compressor and airbrush kit cost me 120CAD which is on dirt cheap end of side. Well, as long as it suits my purpose, that’s fine. No need to buy expensive tools for a complete amatuer.

Originally, Part 2 was supposed to include three segments but, because the tank build log became too long, I omitted Katyusha & Nonna kit for part 3.

So, revised part 2 has 2 segments.
The first part is my first time building a model tank, T-34. As I mentioned in part 1, I consider this a practice run and am totally fine with ruining it. The model kit is one of the cheapest I can find at 31 CAD, so in the worst case, I can buy another kit and have another go.
The second part is painting the tank.

Tamiya T-35 1/35 scale model kit. Tamiya is a renowned company when it comes to model kits and paints. Most of my tank model kits will be from Tamiya although a few will be from Platz simply because I want to try their products as well. In fact, CV33 (for Anchovy) will be from Platz because I found it online at just 40 USD which translates to 53 Canadian ruble. Add in shipping and overall it isn’t a bad price compared to Tamiya CV33 kit (70USD). But this kit is for later part.

As I open the box and go through its contents, this appears to be one of easier kits. I’ve been told that some Tamiya model kits have close to a thousand parts. This model kit has nowhere near that amount.

It may seem good that the color of the plastic is already in dark green, but I will nevertheless need to spray the entire thing later. This is to hide glue (or cement in this case) marks. The glue I am using melts surface of plastic and binds them together. This glue is specifically for plastic and it has no effect on other materials.

The manual comes in Japanese and English which is understandable since most of tank model builders seem to use Tamiya kits.

I began with wheels. Using files to grind off left over lump when I cut them loose. All parts will be sprayed with paint, so it’s perfectly fine to leave marks.
The model can apparently be wired to be remote controlled but I won’t be doing that and will glue the chassis shut later.

I think assembling the tank took about 4 hours. I did this while standing in my bathroom which was the only place with a ventilation fan on ceiling.
I could have done this in my garage but, given this being winter, I wasn’t going to stay in freezing temp for hours. The reason for needing a ventilation fan is simple; Tamiya cement glue lets off a very strong chemical scent. They added a nice smell to it, so it doesn’t make you frown when you smell it but it’s never a good idea to smell this chemical for a prolonged period.

The manual tells you that you have several choices when assembling the tank. The first choice is the upper top of the turret where it has “early version” and “later version” with main difference being an elevated top hatch. I chose the early version although I now see that, in the anime, later version is used.

You also can choose which tank accessories can go onto the tank hull. I simply chose whatever I felt like gluing onto.


Now comes airbrushing. My first step is to paint the three parts in black. This is to cover glue marks and make it easier for main paint (dark green) to stand out (or stick) better later. This will also help me with weathering process with paint thinner later… or so I hope?

Guys, this is my virgin run here. I am talking shit out of my arse. I am clueless, literally. I did watch youtube videos and read web articles but those can only get you so far. And every modeler seems to favor different methods. So, ehm, just bare with me until I get my footing.

Okay, so the tank has been painted black and it looks like this is a total failure in painting job. I learned few things here though.
Just about 5 drops of paint is all you need to paint the whole thing and that I need to use paint thinner better.

In airbrushing terms, I failed to control paint thickness. Thankfully though, airbrushing mistakes appear to be correctable most of time. I can apply paint thinner to even out thickly painted parts, but I won’t be doing that for this painting job since this is a base paint.

At this point, I realized I have no dark green paint. Bummer. I am going to order another set of paints along with paint brushes. It’s going to take few days before it arrives.
I am certainly not ready to repaint GSC BT-42 right now.

Meanwhile, building Tamiya T-34 makes me want Tamiya BT-42 kit. GSC BT-42 has chibi feel to it perhaps because it was made for a nendoroid. Tamiya T-34 has very good detail to it and the model does look like a real tank despite its size. I want to see what a real scale model of BT-42 looks like, so I will be getting a hold of Tamiya BT-42 kit.

Some preview into part 3.

It will be about Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit and final painting of T-34.

While it won’t be in part 3, I have Platz CV33. I am still waiting for Medicom Anchovy.

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