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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 3

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This is part 3 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Part 3 is about my build log regarding Maxfactory Katyusha & Nonna kit and finalizing T-34 tank painting. The Katyusha & Nonna kit comes in a soft-rubber feel-like box. It's large as well. At the first glance, you wouldn't think this is a garage kit. There are two versions of this. The one I have which is 1/20 scale and there is a 1/7 scale version out there somewhere.

First of all, Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit gave me an insight into garage figure assembly: Nightmare.

It did not help me that this was a 1/20 scale kit. Parts were tiny. Placing eye decals was sheer nightmare. Eye decals fell off on its own when dried. I wasted 2 good pairs (for each) before it settled down, somehow. My word. It’s good that I don’t have shaky hands.
If you have shaky hands, don’t even bother.

Max factory was probably aware of how hard it was to place eye decals and provided a sheet with 5 sets of eyes.

It also didn’t help me that this was a figure kit with a rather complex pose. I basically picked a hard model kit to start with.

While painting it is not required, I see now that it’s recommended. Mold lumps are impossible to hide unless painted and it’s best to apply paint via airbrushing before assembly. Impossible once assembled. You could shade it to hide the spots though with masterful masking.

I reckon it will be MUCH easier when you are dealing with 1/8 and bigger scale.

I do plan to paint it a little but now is not the time simply because I don’t even have brushes. Yes, you read me right. I’ve never had painting brushes. I am THAT new into this.

Moving on, this experience taught me a lot and I am looking into garage kits from Volks. They’ve made the main tank crew (Miho and Co) from Girls und Panzer in 1/16 scale. These figures could prove to be an excellent addition. I feel any garage kit is going to be easier than this.


Now comes the painting T-34 part. Here is a repainted version in dark green. The black base paint does seem to make the dark green stand out and I’ve figured out how to control paint thickness from the last fiasco. So, the result seems a lot better this round. 

The incomplete painting on wheels was intentional. This was to mimick paint being peeled off due to fiction with tracks and other elements.

But this is as far as I will go because I am too inexperienced in weathering painting technique. I did add few dirt shading and painted exhaust pipe copper color as well as adding Pravda school emblem. I weathered the emblem a little.

So, above is what I have so far. Painted T-34 with Katyusha & Nonna. stock GSC BT-42 with Mika. Do note that I have Tamiya BT-42 on its way. Once I build that, I will decide which one to go with.
As for the figures, Mika is 1/16 scale while Katyusha & Nonna is (as one figure) 1/20 scale. The difference in size does show but I suppose this is acceptable. There is no other trading figure sized Katyusha and Nonna as far as I am aware.

I have a long way to go still but the collection is progressively coming to life.

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