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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 4

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This is part 4 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

In part 4, I am going to repaint GSC (Good smile company) BT-42. As mentioned in part 1, I feel GSC BT-42 is too clean. And, while I do have Tamiya BT-42 on its way, I still want to try repainting this one.

The look I am hoping for is what you see in the first movie. BT-42 in the movie has tint of white and tint of black in what appears to be a cloud pattern which I think I can do it.

So, let’s get to it. First of all, I need to take the tracks off which is explained by its manual.

Then it was a simple matter of airbrushing randomly with flat black (Tamiya 81701) and then with white (Tamiya 81502).

It’s not too bad, I think. The colors are hard to see in the picture though due to high level of light. I am eager to see what Tamiya BT-42 is going to look like. The Tamiya kits have amazing details.

And here comes CV33 driven by Anchovy.

When I opened the box and saw tank tracks which were not rubber and just pieces of hard plastic and tens of tiny parts, I said to myself, “Fuck.”

From that point, I knew this wouldn’t be an easy build. It’s also important to know that Platz tank model kit does NOT come with an English manual. But this is not a deal breaker because picture illustration is good enough.

CV33 by Platz is overall a pain in the butt and this is an understatement. T-34 was a very, very, easy kit compared to this. In fact, now that I have three kits in my possession (CV33, T-34, and Tiger 1). T-34 appears to be the easiest kit so far.

One of its main issues is that parts are tiny which is understandable since CV33 wasn’t exactly a full tank. It was classified as “tankette”. But the parts are painfully small. Most of parts measure in few mm.

I couldn’t even pick some tiny parts up and had to use tweezers. The absolutely worst part was when assembling its track gears. You are required to put them all together part by part and these parts were 1 ~ 3mm in size.

This build took about 10 hours and my finger tips were sore AF by time I was done because all those tiny parts were poking into my finger tips. This is a hard kit.

After it was finally done though, there was a certain sense of satisfaction. Then it hit me that this CV33 might be harder to paint...

Overall, I’d say it’s worth going for GSC pre-made version due to two main reasons.
One is that GSC CV33 has proper rubber tracks. Two is the size. Yes, CV33 is supposed to be small but this is too small.
So, my advice is just go for GSC CV33 and save yourself massive hassles.

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