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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 5

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This is part 5 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

To avoid repetition, I will make tank building logs very short from now on, so this part 5 will cover three tanks from building to painting.

The three tanks are Tiger 1, CV33, and Churchill MKVII.

The kit was overall easy. At least, that was what I felt. Having just finished CV33 prior, yes, it felt easy.

Tiger I was a big tank and it shows in the kit. I’ve learned from previous two tank builds (T-34 & CV33) that bigger parts = easier time. Completed rubber tracks also mean an easier time.

And here it is with base black paint coat. Compared to the job I did with T-34, I certainly did a better job this around. This is due to being able to control paint thickness which basically means how much paint thinner I add to paint to make it more water-like so that it will flow better.

Meanwhile, I intentionally left out wire props on the tank because I didn’t like the way it looked. I wasn’t going for historical accuracy anyway. This left some holes though. So, I grabbed whatever small pieces I could find and randomly attached them on the tank. Once done, I painted it black again.

And this is it. Tiger 1 done. Medicom Maho is on its way. Actually, a lot of things are on its way but, because they were shipped via SAL from Japan, they take 3 to 5 weeks to arrive.

And here is CV33 painted. CV33 was pain in the butt to build and painting wasn’t easy, either. I had to manually paint the tracks black which didn’t come out nicely but whatever. I am done with CV33.

Because CV33 is just too small, I am thinking of getting P40 to be with Anchovy. But P40 appears to be rare and expensive. If my budget doesn’t allow, I am getting Semovente da 75/18 instead.

Churchill MK 7 is the British tank in Girls und Panzer. This kit was a breeze to make. It was an easy kit, on par with T-34.
The only issue I had with this kit was its tracks which literally melted when I tried to glue it together. I mean it literally melted while I was looking at it, melting like a thin ice sheet on warm water. I pieced them back together eventually.

Other than that, it was an uneventful build.


I’ve tracked down 1/16 scale garage kits from Amie Grand. They’ve apparently produced quite a bit of characters from Girls und Panzer.

Three characters from Saunders university: Kay, Alisa, and Naomi

Three characters from Kuromorimine Girls Academy: Maho, Erika, and Koume

Three characters from Pravda Girls High School: Katyusha, Nonna, and Klara

This was an important discovery for me because this enables me to purchase US Sherman tank kit and Tiger 2 (Erika) and other Soviet tanks for Klara or Nonna.

The rule I have for this collection is that I am not collecting tanks without its designated character, so its crucial that I locate more characters.

There is an issue with Saunders university though. In the series as well as the movie, I’ve seen them drive only Sherman tanks. Now, building two Sherman tanks isn’t something I’d like to do, so I dove into manga. Apparently, Alisa also has used M22 Locust. So, I will be getting a M22 Locust kit.
So, overall, this is how it is going to be.

Kay: Sherman
Alisa: M22 Locust
Naomi: ??? She isn’t even a tank commander to begin with.

Katyusha: T-34
Nonna: IS-2
Klara: KV-2

Maho: Tiger 1
Erika: Tiger 2
Koume: Panther 1?

Of course, I’ve never painted a garage kit before but I don’t have a choice. Garage kits are the only way. Mixing a skin color will be my hardest challenge of all because I haven’t got a clue on that.

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