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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 6

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This is part 6 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Because tank builds have been covered numerous times already, I am going to be shortening tank builds unless it’s worth enough to mention the progress.

In part 6, I look at Good smile company BT-42 and Tamiya 1/35 scale BT-42. GSC BT-42 is a non-scale pre-built & painted one whereas Tamiya BT-42 is a scale model I build and paint. The painting part won’t be covered here because I am having a hard time picking the right color for the tank.

The reason I went for the Tamiya kit despite already owning GSC BT-42 is that I wanted to see Tamiya version of BT-42. Scale model kits appear to have better details, so I wanted to see how it would look like once built.

I do not know when this kit was manufactured but the box has real photos of BT-42 from Parola Finland tank museum.
Now, this is fifth Tamiya tank kit I’ve acquired and this is the only one with real full color photos for the tank, so far at least. Was this addition influenced by Girls und Panzer?

Why do I say this?

The reality is that BT-42 wasn’t practically a good tank. In fact, if you are a tank enthusiast, you’d frown at BT-42. It was a failure as a tank. The tank itself was based on BT series tank which was a decent tank in its own category.
The Finns decided to make BT-42 out of it and it turned out to be a failure. In other words, the only reason BT-42 is even remotely popular nowadays is due to the anime.

Putting the kit together wasn’t much of an ordeal. But, because you have to assemble its tracks manually piece by piece, that was time consuming but not hard like I experienced with CV33. The reason for that is because the pieces are large enough.

Size wise though, both are virtually identical. GSC BT-42 is marginally taller by 1cm. Minor details differ but GSC version seems surprisingly well detailed. Tamiya version still has far more minor details but it’s not a deal breaker.


The collection is starting to take its shape now.
BT-42 w/ Mika
Tiger 1 w/ Maho
CV33 w/ Anchovy
T-34 w/ Katyusha and Nonna

Still a long way to go though.

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