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Tales of Abyss collection

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This is my Tales of Abyss figure collection.

Now, the game itself is not my favorite despite Abyss being the first Tales of game I played back in Playstation 2 days. But it isn't certainly the worst I've played. What this game has, though, is probably the best female lead character in the entire Tales of series.

I am talking about Tear Grants. She is probably the most complete as well as mature character in Tales. She is also probably the only female lead character who let her romantic feelings clearly known. Finally, as far as I know, Tear has the largest bust of any Tale of female characters. I have Velvet figure from Tales of Berseria and Tear's boobs are twice larger than Velvet's.


A, anyway, with that out of the way, let me begin.

This collection took me only 3 months. This was partially because there weren't too many figures to decide and collect. There are only three 1/8 scale characters to collect and the rest are trading figures.

Now, there was something I had to debate with myself when choosing Tear and Luke.

Tear has two scale figures. One is 1/8 scale by Kotobukiya. Another is 1/7 scale by Milestone. The Milestone one is of superior quality but being 1/7 scale means she is fairly large.

Now, as for Luke, Alter has made a fine 1/8 figure but his pose makes him short.

What this meant for me was that even Kotobukiya Tear would be taller than Luke by a fair bit. This wasn't something I was willing to accept because I planned to place them side by side. Then it came to my attention that Banpresto has made two versions of non-scale Luke. His scale was something similar to 1/9 scale and his height was only slightly shorter than Tear. 

In the end, despite Alter's superior quality, I went for Banpresto version of Luke.



But there are issues. Tales of Abyss is an old game. The game was released in 2005 and these figures were released around 2007 with no re-run done on any of them. So, all of the figures are well over 10 years old. 

While the bigger figures aren't showing any sign of age other than poorer paint job of the old, the trading figures are showing what appeared to be oil separation from paint. You can see how glossy the surface is from light reflections.



All of Abyss trading figures are showing oil separations. I believe this is due to how Kotobukiya mixed their paint. In comparison, Tales of Vesperia trading figures are not showing any oil separations. which are few years younger. Both sets of figures are made by the same company, so if Abyss trading figures are showing oil separations, so should Vesperia trading figures. But this is not the case which leads me to believe that it was how the paint was mixed back when they were working on Abyss trading figures.

My only gripe in this collection is the lack of a scale figure for Jade.

Oh, well.

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