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Velvet Crowe by Kotobukiya

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This is Velvet Crowe from Kotobukiya. Unfortunately, this is one without her demon arm. It doesn’t bother me too much though.

This is a 1/8 scale figure with height of 21cm.

I realize Alter has come out with their own Velvet figure but I had to have this one anyway because Velvet is a favorite character of mine since Yuri from Tales of Vesperia. I will probably get the Alter version as well in the future.

Vevlet is a rare character in Tales series because she is not morally locked. She is similar to Yuri in this sense. Both are morally flexible and will bend either way to get what they want even if it means killing someone in progress.

When I received the shipment and opened the box, the first thing I noticed was her bright pink lipstick.

Her lip color is not very noticeable under camera lights. However, in real world lightning, you will clearly see the rather bright pink lips.

I certainly did not or could not see this lip paint on pictures on the internet. After seeing this however, I looked at pictures on the internet and did notice a faint pink color on her lips. Again, her lips are a lot pinker than it appears on photo.

I feel like this is almost false advertising. But then we figure collectors know that we hardly get exactly what we want. The pink lips don't bother me too much. It's just that I didn't expect it. I really feel her face would have been better off without the lip color. I suppose it could have been worse. I do like a fact that they chose to make her face/expression fierce though.


Moving on, the figure is fully assembled from get-go. Even the base is attached to the figure when you take her out of the box, so there is nothing at all for you to do anything other than taking her out and display her.

Despite of the surprising pink lips, I am overall quite pleased with this figure. Face feels accurate enough and her pose is stable. I do see some minor faults on the black strings on her midriff but it's very hard to notice. I also see some painting faults on the red linings on her black cloak. The faults are quite minor and I am not going to make a big deal out of them.

This figure also has a lot of accessories (Belts, strings, chains, etc) that are tricky to paint, so I am going to be more forgiving.

Her hair is done well without any visible seams and the bandages look fine without any faults. Her plate boots look fine. The boots even feature finer surface texture under a certain light angle.

And with the figure having such a revealing outfit, I am going to mention her chest area. Despite of the revealing chest area, her breasts are actually quite small. I think it is actually smaller than what I saw from the game. For size comparison, Velvet's boobs are half size of Tear's. Let's just put it that way. :p

In a sense, there is nothing sexy about her outfit at all. All parts are properly covered and she's wearing shorts. It's just the way her outfit is arranged that makes it look sexy. In this sense, Magilou is just as sexy as Velvet.

Conclusion ☕

I am going to go ahead and claim that the Alter version will be better in quality but it will cost (a lot) more, probably. Priced at 130USD (But can be sourced for cheaper if lucky), this is considered a premium figure. This isn't a bad figure by any means. Her face is accurate and the overall aura coming from this figure is also accurate. Overall quality is passable although I wouldn't give this A+. I'd give it A-.

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