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Queen's blade collection (Incomplete & dropped)

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Okay, let's face it.

If you are a (straight) guy who is collecting various figures, you'd be lying if you haven't thought about collecting lewd figures. I mean there are gazillions of cute & gorgeous female figures around. It's only natural that a guy wants to collect those which are slightly more ...slutty.

This was how I exactly began my Queen's blade figure collection and I ultimately learned few stuff about such figures and decided to stop this collection entirely. So, this collection is incomplete but still has enough materials to warrant an entry.

There four are all made by Megahouse and are 1/8 scale.

First thing first ✌

Cast-off capable figures are hugely hit or miss. It's more miss than hit. Some figures are done brilliantly. However, many of these figures are made so poorly that you will wish why you spent your hard-earned money for crap. 

Now, these four aren't the only lewd figures I own, but this is the only "collection" based on a series that's entirely ecchi. The point of Queen's blade focuses on flesh more than its story.

Queen's blade has a LOT of characters (all females) but these four you see are from season 1.


Secondly ☃

I am not going to cover Ymir here. Yes, lore wise, she is in her 50s but she is a loli character. Someone without knowledge of Queen's blade will think Ymir's nude photos as CP. I don't want to risk that.

With that out of way, let me cover Leina and Elina first.

These two are the Vance sisters. Leina is on right. Elina is on left. Leina is the elder one. Leina is straight while Elina swings both ways. 

Now, as a figure, Leina sucks whereas Elina is fairly decent.

Taking off Elina's clothes is fairly painless while taking off Leina's armor pieces are a major pain in the butt. Leina's armor pieces also leaves heavy stain on her bare body. This is a huge NO-NO for cast off figures.

The entire point of cast-off capable figures is that you want to take their clothes on and off when required. Pieces leaving heavy paint stain means only one thing: Such figures are going to stay clothed.

Meanwhile, Elina's clothes don't leave any stain and she can actually be fully nude. However, her genital is not present. In fact, no Megahouse figures feature any form of genitalia. 

Above is Ymir (left) and Echidna (right). Ymir is a female dwarf and is, thus, a loli character. She is actually a better cast-off figure than Elina, but as I stated, I am not going to reveal her nude photos due to reasons stated earlier.

Echidna is a bad cast-of figure but still better than Leina. But her main issue doesn't stern from her cast-off pieces. This figure has overall balance issues and will fall off even with the slightest touch. Her arms will also fall off very easily and her snake thong is not secured at all, making the overall figure a train wreck waiting for happen.

If you trip the figure, her arms will fall off, her snake thong will fall off, and the whole figure itself will fall forward, leaving you a mess to clean up.

Her clothes pieces don't leave stain which is a good thing as a cast-off figure. But everything else is MEH.

The four figures are alright in their qualities. But their cast-off parts leave a lot to be desired, especially for Leina and Echidna. These figures can be sourced real cheap. They can all be found under 50USD if lucky.


Now, I realize that these are not high grade cast-off figures. Really good cast-off figures cost a lot more than these and are usually in 1/6 or 1/7 scale. Additionally, Megahouse isn't known for true lewd figures. Orchard seed, Embrace Japan, and etc specialize in real lewd figures. Regardless, I wanted to try them out without breaking a bank.

Another reason I stopped collecting any further Queen's blade figures is that I have no love for this series. The anime offers no substance. It's all about flesh.

In the end, this isn't for me. I won't be collecting any further lewd figures. I, uh, promise....

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