Friday, 22 March 2019 15:06

VOLKS Akiyama Yukari 1/16 scale

This is a garage kit from VOLKS. It's 1/16 scale and is of CharaGumin series by them. "CharaGumin" means parts come colored which makes it a lot easier to put the kit together.

Volks have all 5 characters from Miho Nishizumi's tank crew and they come in 1/16 and 1/7 scales. Yukari kit appears to be the rarest of them, which is why I acquired her first. This Yukari was the only trading figure size of her that I could get a hold of. I would have preferred a repainted one but this is close enough.

This is a resin kit, so cement glue like Tamiya cement glue won't work on this. Superglue is the ideal choice due to its quick setting time but slow acting glue can work as well as long as you have the patience to let the parts glue.

As you can see on the manual, you are required to put in some paint work but, heed my advice, don't try painting the figure unless you are 99.9% certain that you can pull off. 1/16 scale kits are very tiny and slight hand shaking will ruin your paint job when you are drawing the lines.

You have another option of thinning your paint to water consistency and let it flow along the line - I tried this and it was an utter failure. I had to wash the whole thing in paint thinner to get the paint out.

In short, don't try painting this unless you think you can pull it off.

Oh, and don't feel discouraged when you see resin color while chopping off molding points. Only molding points have resin color inside. Just carve a little deeper and you will see its primary color.

Assembling this kit isn't hard at all and shouldn't take no more than an hour if you are using superglue. I skipped painting her school shirt due to having failed once. As long as you apply paint thinner quickly once you mess up, you can remove paint you apply completely.

And below is how she is displayed.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 17:03

Amie Grand kit: Saunder high school

This is a garage kit for Saunders school school members from Girls und Panzer.

This kit was by Amie Grand. Now they’ve manufactured a lot of figures from Girls und Panzer. This is 1/16 scale which basically translates to trading figure size (10mm height).
If you want Kay from Sanders high school in 1/16 scale or similar, this is the only choice. As a bonus, you also get Naomi and Alisa. The original price for this kit is 4,000 yen but, due to rarity of this kit, I had to cough up 7,000 yen. There aren’t many of these kits left at least during my search for one. Amazon Japan had one left and Yahoo Japan had nothing.


This is a part of a long project I’ve been working on. Here is a photo of what I’ve assembled so far.

There are 6 tanks from Tamiya/Platz and figures present in the picture are from Medicom 1/16 scale figures and Yukari from Volks. All tanks seen in the photo were 1/35 scale model kits I put together and painted with an exception for BT-42 which is from Good smile company. I did repaint it a bit though.

Before doing anything, the first step is washing the pieces. The resin pieces have oil residue that will pretty much reject any paints, so it’s important that you wash the pieces in warm water with soap or something more powerful. You can tell it’s washed good enough by feeling the pieces.
Once that is done, it’s time to remove mold injection points. The consistency of the resin pieces are very much like frozen butter except it’s a bit harder, so don’t overdo it.

After that, I put pieces together to plan ahead. First of all, the kit seems to fit together good enough.

My plan was airbrush a piece by a piece but decided to glue arms to the body before doing that. To do so, I am using a set up like below.
Also allow me to show you paints I am going to be using.

Tamiya and Vallejo are my primary brands. Vallejo paints are easier for me to get a hold of and 60ml versions can be found nearby me. 10 ml Tamiya paint costs me 3.50CAD and 60ml Vallejo paint costs me 8.50CAD. So, obviously, I am going to favor Vallejo. Vallejo paints are either hit or miss though. Some paints peel off way too easily.
They also have more variety in color as well. One thing to note about Vallejo paints are it smells like vanilla. Both are water-based acrylic paints, so you can mix them.
I also have two skin color airbrush paints. One of it is in the photo now.

There are two things I regret after I did this. The first is that I should have covered the tiny hands somehow. My original plan was paint over it with a paint brush but that didn’t work. I need to airbrush the hands. It is going to be hard but not impossible for Kay and Alisa. But Naomi’s hands? Impossible at my skill level and too late as well. I should have done it before gluing Naomi's arms. Thankfully though, Kay is my primary target for Sherman tank. Alisa and Naomi are bonus characters. I will still come up with a way to do Naomi's hands later.

Another regret is that I should have also covered Kay's belly button but this is not a huge deal.

I have another garage kit coming for Pravda high school team and experience/know-how I learn from here will be useful for that kit.

Well, above is what I have managed. Kay is missing her eyebrows at the moment but it's mostly done.

I spent about 4 hours each day after work for about 3 days. For the amount of hours I invested in, the outcome is meh. I'd give myself a grade C for this whackjob. I made so many mistakes that I am surprised it all came out in one piece. Alisa seems to have come out better than the other two but it's still not good.

I think it's important to mention that some mistakes came from fatigue. I don't have shady hands normally but fatigue began to kick in around 10PM and my hands started to shake.

I did learn numerous know-hows and that Tamiya paints performed better than Vallejo. As mentioned earlier, I have another similar garage kit coming, so I will give another go but, to be honest, I don't think I will touch small garage kits. The tiny pieces were just nigh impossible to paint properly. Shading? Nope, near impossible. Having said that, I do think 1/8 scale kit would be much easier.

This experience also cleared my desire to acquire 1/35 scale Girls und Panzer figure kits from Platz. If I struggle with 1/16 kit, no way am I going to be able to handle 1/35 scale kit. Those 1/35 scale kits would be half size of 1/16 scale kit. My word, no, no, I am not going to touch those.

My fingers & back ache and my eyes are sore, ouch.

This is part 6 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Because tank builds have been covered numerous times already, I am going to be shortening tank builds unless it’s worth enough to mention the progress.

In part 6, I look at Good smile company BT-42 and Tamiya 1/35 scale BT-42. GSC BT-42 is a non-scale pre-built & painted one whereas Tamiya BT-42 is a scale model I build and paint. The painting part won’t be covered here because I am having a hard time picking the right color for the tank.

The reason I went for the Tamiya kit despite already owning GSC BT-42 is that I wanted to see Tamiya version of BT-42. Scale model kits appear to have better details, so I wanted to see how it would look like once built.

I do not know when this kit was manufactured but the box has real photos of BT-42 from Parola Finland tank museum.
Now, this is fifth Tamiya tank kit I’ve acquired and this is the only one with real full color photos for the tank, so far at least. Was this addition influenced by Girls und Panzer?

Why do I say this?

The reality is that BT-42 wasn’t practically a good tank. In fact, if you are a tank enthusiast, you’d frown at BT-42. It was a failure as a tank. The tank itself was based on BT series tank which was a decent tank in its own category.
The Finns decided to make BT-42 out of it and it turned out to be a failure. In other words, the only reason BT-42 is even remotely popular nowadays is due to the anime.

Putting the kit together wasn’t much of an ordeal. But, because you have to assemble its tracks manually piece by piece, that was time consuming but not hard like I experienced with CV33. The reason for that is because the pieces are large enough.

Size wise though, both are virtually identical. GSC BT-42 is marginally taller by 1cm. Minor details differ but GSC version seems surprisingly well detailed. Tamiya version still has far more minor details but it’s not a deal breaker.


The collection is starting to take its shape now.
BT-42 w/ Mika
Tiger 1 w/ Maho
CV33 w/ Anchovy
T-34 w/ Katyusha and Nonna

Still a long way to go though.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 04:11

Girls und Panzer collection journey part 5

This is part 5 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

To avoid repetition, I will make tank building logs very short from now on, so this part 5 will cover three tanks from building to painting.

The three tanks are Tiger 1, CV33, and Churchill MKVII.

The kit was overall easy. At least, that was what I felt. Having just finished CV33 prior, yes, it felt easy.

Tiger I was a big tank and it shows in the kit. I’ve learned from previous two tank builds (T-34 & CV33) that bigger parts = easier time. Completed rubber tracks also mean an easier time.

And here it is with base black paint coat. Compared to the job I did with T-34, I certainly did a better job this around. This is due to being able to control paint thickness which basically means how much paint thinner I add to paint to make it more water-like so that it will flow better.

Meanwhile, I intentionally left out wire props on the tank because I didn’t like the way it looked. I wasn’t going for historical accuracy anyway. This left some holes though. So, I grabbed whatever small pieces I could find and randomly attached them on the tank. Once done, I painted it black again.

And this is it. Tiger 1 done. Medicom Maho is on its way. Actually, a lot of things are on its way but, because they were shipped via SAL from Japan, they take 3 to 5 weeks to arrive.

And here is CV33 painted. CV33 was pain in the butt to build and painting wasn’t easy, either. I had to manually paint the tracks black which didn’t come out nicely but whatever. I am done with CV33.

Because CV33 is just too small, I am thinking of getting P40 to be with Anchovy. But P40 appears to be rare and expensive. If my budget doesn’t allow, I am getting Semovente da 75/18 instead.

Churchill MK 7 is the British tank in Girls und Panzer. This kit was a breeze to make. It was an easy kit, on par with T-34.
The only issue I had with this kit was its tracks which literally melted when I tried to glue it together. I mean it literally melted while I was looking at it, melting like a thin ice sheet on warm water. I pieced them back together eventually.

Other than that, it was an uneventful build.


I’ve tracked down 1/16 scale garage kits from Amie Grand. They’ve apparently produced quite a bit of characters from Girls und Panzer.

Three characters from Saunders university: Kay, Alisa, and Naomi

Three characters from Kuromorimine Girls Academy: Maho, Erika, and Koume

Three characters from Pravda Girls High School: Katyusha, Nonna, and Klara

This was an important discovery for me because this enables me to purchase US Sherman tank kit and Tiger 2 (Erika) and other Soviet tanks for Klara or Nonna.

The rule I have for this collection is that I am not collecting tanks without its designated character, so its crucial that I locate more characters.

There is an issue with Saunders university though. In the series as well as the movie, I’ve seen them drive only Sherman tanks. Now, building two Sherman tanks isn’t something I’d like to do, so I dove into manga. Apparently, Alisa also has used M22 Locust. So, I will be getting a M22 Locust kit.
So, overall, this is how it is going to be.

Kay: Sherman
Alisa: M22 Locust
Naomi: ??? She isn’t even a tank commander to begin with.

Katyusha: T-34
Nonna: IS-2
Klara: KV-2

Maho: Tiger 1
Erika: Tiger 2
Koume: Panther 1?

Of course, I’ve never painted a garage kit before but I don’t have a choice. Garage kits are the only way. Mixing a skin color will be my hardest challenge of all because I haven’t got a clue on that.

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Friday, 22 February 2019 03:16

Girls und Panzer collection journey part 4

This is part 4 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

In part 4, I am going to repaint GSC (Good smile company) BT-42. As mentioned in part 1, I feel GSC BT-42 is too clean. And, while I do have Tamiya BT-42 on its way, I still want to try repainting this one.

The look I am hoping for is what you see in the first movie. BT-42 in the movie has tint of white and tint of black in what appears to be a cloud pattern which I think I can do it.

So, let’s get to it. First of all, I need to take the tracks off which is explained by its manual.

Then it was a simple matter of airbrushing randomly with flat black (Tamiya 81701) and then with white (Tamiya 81502).

It’s not too bad, I think. The colors are hard to see in the picture though due to high level of light. I am eager to see what Tamiya BT-42 is going to look like. The Tamiya kits have amazing details.

And here comes CV33 driven by Anchovy.

When I opened the box and saw tank tracks which were not rubber and just pieces of hard plastic and tens of tiny parts, I said to myself, “Fuck.”

From that point, I knew this wouldn’t be an easy build. It’s also important to know that Platz tank model kit does NOT come with an English manual. But this is not a deal breaker because picture illustration is good enough.

CV33 by Platz is overall a pain in the butt and this is an understatement. T-34 was a very, very, easy kit compared to this. In fact, now that I have three kits in my possession (CV33, T-34, and Tiger 1). T-34 appears to be the easiest kit so far.

One of its main issues is that parts are tiny which is understandable since CV33 wasn’t exactly a full tank. It was classified as “tankette”. But the parts are painfully small. Most of parts measure in few mm.

I couldn’t even pick some tiny parts up and had to use tweezers. The absolutely worst part was when assembling its track gears. You are required to put them all together part by part and these parts were 1 ~ 3mm in size.

This build took about 10 hours and my finger tips were sore AF by time I was done because all those tiny parts were poking into my finger tips. This is a hard kit.

After it was finally done though, there was a certain sense of satisfaction. Then it hit me that this CV33 might be harder to paint...

Overall, I’d say it’s worth going for GSC pre-made version due to two main reasons.
One is that GSC CV33 has proper rubber tracks. Two is the size. Yes, CV33 is supposed to be small but this is too small.
So, my advice is just go for GSC CV33 and save yourself massive hassles.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 01:10

Girls und Panzer collection journey part 3

This is part 3 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Part 3 is about my build log regarding Maxfactory Katyusha & Nonna kit and finalizing T-34 tank painting. The Katyusha & Nonna kit comes in a soft-rubber feel-like box. It's large as well. At the first glance, you wouldn't think this is a garage kit. There are two versions of this. The one I have which is 1/20 scale and there is a 1/7 scale version out there somewhere.

First of all, Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit gave me an insight into garage figure assembly: Nightmare.

It did not help me that this was a 1/20 scale kit. Parts were tiny. Placing eye decals was sheer nightmare. Eye decals fell off on its own when dried. I wasted 2 good pairs (for each) before it settled down, somehow. My word. It’s good that I don’t have shaky hands.
If you have shaky hands, don’t even bother.

Max factory was probably aware of how hard it was to place eye decals and provided a sheet with 5 sets of eyes.

It also didn’t help me that this was a figure kit with a rather complex pose. I basically picked a hard model kit to start with.

While painting it is not required, I see now that it’s recommended. Mold lumps are impossible to hide unless painted and it’s best to apply paint via airbrushing before assembly. Impossible once assembled. You could shade it to hide the spots though with masterful masking.

I reckon it will be MUCH easier when you are dealing with 1/8 and bigger scale.

I do plan to paint it a little but now is not the time simply because I don’t even have brushes. Yes, you read me right. I’ve never had painting brushes. I am THAT new into this.

Moving on, this experience taught me a lot and I am looking into garage kits from Volks. They’ve made the main tank crew (Miho and Co) from Girls und Panzer in 1/16 scale. These figures could prove to be an excellent addition. I feel any garage kit is going to be easier than this.


Now comes the painting T-34 part. Here is a repainted version in dark green. The black base paint does seem to make the dark green stand out and I’ve figured out how to control paint thickness from the last fiasco. So, the result seems a lot better this round. 

The incomplete painting on wheels was intentional. This was to mimick paint being peeled off due to fiction with tracks and other elements.

But this is as far as I will go because I am too inexperienced in weathering painting technique. I did add few dirt shading and painted exhaust pipe copper color as well as adding Pravda school emblem. I weathered the emblem a little.

So, above is what I have so far. Painted T-34 with Katyusha & Nonna. stock GSC BT-42 with Mika. Do note that I have Tamiya BT-42 on its way. Once I build that, I will decide which one to go with.
As for the figures, Mika is 1/16 scale while Katyusha & Nonna is (as one figure) 1/20 scale. The difference in size does show but I suppose this is acceptable. There is no other trading figure sized Katyusha and Nonna as far as I am aware.

I have a long way to go still but the collection is progressively coming to life.

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Monday, 18 February 2019 23:05

Girls und Panzer collection journey part 2

This is part 2 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

Before I begin, some painting supplies and airbrush kit are here.

Tamiya cement glue (x2), numerous paints, and an air compressor as well as an airbrush tool. The air compressor and airbrush kit cost me 120CAD which is on dirt cheap end of side. Well, as long as it suits my purpose, that’s fine. No need to buy expensive tools for a complete amatuer.

Originally, Part 2 was supposed to include three segments but, because the tank build log became too long, I omitted Katyusha & Nonna kit for part 3.

So, revised part 2 has 2 segments.
The first part is my first time building a model tank, T-34. As I mentioned in part 1, I consider this a practice run and am totally fine with ruining it. The model kit is one of the cheapest I can find at 31 CAD, so in the worst case, I can buy another kit and have another go.
The second part is painting the tank.

Tamiya T-35 1/35 scale model kit. Tamiya is a renowned company when it comes to model kits and paints. Most of my tank model kits will be from Tamiya although a few will be from Platz simply because I want to try their products as well. In fact, CV33 (for Anchovy) will be from Platz because I found it online at just 40 USD which translates to 53 Canadian ruble. Add in shipping and overall it isn’t a bad price compared to Tamiya CV33 kit (70USD). But this kit is for later part.

As I open the box and go through its contents, this appears to be one of easier kits. I’ve been told that some Tamiya model kits have close to a thousand parts. This model kit has nowhere near that amount.

It may seem good that the color of the plastic is already in dark green, but I will nevertheless need to spray the entire thing later. This is to hide glue (or cement in this case) marks. The glue I am using melts surface of plastic and binds them together. This glue is specifically for plastic and it has no effect on other materials.

The manual comes in Japanese and English which is understandable since most of tank model builders seem to use Tamiya kits.

I began with wheels. Using files to grind off left over lump when I cut them loose. All parts will be sprayed with paint, so it’s perfectly fine to leave marks.
The model can apparently be wired to be remote controlled but I won’t be doing that and will glue the chassis shut later.

I think assembling the tank took about 4 hours. I did this while standing in my bathroom which was the only place with a ventilation fan on ceiling.
I could have done this in my garage but, given this being winter, I wasn’t going to stay in freezing temp for hours. The reason for needing a ventilation fan is simple; Tamiya cement glue lets off a very strong chemical scent. They added a nice smell to it, so it doesn’t make you frown when you smell it but it’s never a good idea to smell this chemical for a prolonged period.

The manual tells you that you have several choices when assembling the tank. The first choice is the upper top of the turret where it has “early version” and “later version” with main difference being an elevated top hatch. I chose the early version although I now see that, in the anime, later version is used.

You also can choose which tank accessories can go onto the tank hull. I simply chose whatever I felt like gluing onto.


Now comes airbrushing. My first step is to paint the three parts in black. This is to cover glue marks and make it easier for main paint (dark green) to stand out (or stick) better later. This will also help me with weathering process with paint thinner later… or so I hope?

Guys, this is my virgin run here. I am talking shit out of my arse. I am clueless, literally. I did watch youtube videos and read web articles but those can only get you so far. And every modeler seems to favor different methods. So, ehm, just bare with me until I get my footing.

Okay, so the tank has been painted black and it looks like this is a total failure in painting job. I learned few things here though.
Just about 5 drops of paint is all you need to paint the whole thing and that I need to use paint thinner better.

In airbrushing terms, I failed to control paint thickness. Thankfully though, airbrushing mistakes appear to be correctable most of time. I can apply paint thinner to even out thickly painted parts, but I won’t be doing that for this painting job since this is a base paint.

At this point, I realized I have no dark green paint. Bummer. I am going to order another set of paints along with paint brushes. It’s going to take few days before it arrives.
I am certainly not ready to repaint GSC BT-42 right now.

Meanwhile, building Tamiya T-34 makes me want Tamiya BT-42 kit. GSC BT-42 has chibi feel to it perhaps because it was made for a nendoroid. Tamiya T-34 has very good detail to it and the model does look like a real tank despite its size. I want to see what a real scale model of BT-42 looks like, so I will be getting a hold of Tamiya BT-42 kit.

Some preview into part 3.

It will be about Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit and final painting of T-34.

While it won’t be in part 3, I have Platz CV33. I am still waiting for Medicom Anchovy.

Saturday, 16 February 2019 23:34

Girls und Panzer collection journey part 1

This is part 1 of my journey in collecting tanks and figures from Girls und Panzer series.

I wasn’t going to collect any figures or tanks from Girls und Panzer. I like the anime series overall but the characters were all females and they weren’t my types. (School uniforms and gravity-defying short skirts – too common, I felt)

Well, all that changed when BT-42 and Mika showed up in the first movie with Säkkijärven Polkka as BGM.
That specific scene lingered in my mind for some days and it made me to decide to go for it.

However, there were some things to decide before going for the collection. I would normally collect 1/8 scale figures but that wasn’t going to happen in this collection because I also wanted to collect the tanks. In fact, tanks would be my main targets instead of the girls.
For a tank to go okay with 1/8 scale figures would take up too much space and it wasn’t going to be wallet friendly, either, not to mention it’s very hard to find 1/12 or 1/18 tank kits. 

Before deciding anything though, I decided to get GSC pre-painted BT-42 and a Mika figure (1/10 scale from Medicom) just to see how those two go before committing to this. Why not go for nendoroids? Well, I am not very fond of nendoroids.

For the Mika figure itself, the quality is surprisingly acceptable. Paint lines are not going haywire and I do like a fact that its base is very small and transparent. For this project I am doing, the base being transparent helps. Perhaps more importantly, it does look like Mika. I've seen far worse quality trading figures. I can tell you that much.

Medicom has 5 characters from Girls und Panzer. Mika, Anchovy, Miho, Maho, and Darjeeling. What this means is that I will be collecting at least 5 tanks. Actually in Anchovy’s case, I might add 2 tanks, P40 and CV33.

Finally, Max factory has Katyusha & Nonna model kit which you need to glue parts by yourself but this kit is a trading figure size and should fit well with other Medicom figures. And, for Katyusha & Nonna, I will be collecting T34 and IS-2 tanks.

Finally, there is a Chouno Ami trading figure. If you don’t remember her (by name), she is a tank instructor who shows up in early stage of the show and does show up after that occasionally. She drives tank type 10 which is a modern tank (2012).

So, in total so far, my plan is to collect 9 tanks and 7 trading figures. Katyusha & Nonna model kit is one figure as Katyusha sits on top of Nonna’s shoulders. More on this kit in part 2.

Now let’s get back to the topic of BT-42 and Mika.

The scale is mildy incorrect between Mika and BT-42. The tank should be bigger by at least 50% but I don’t have a choice.
GSC BT-42 is non-scale but, in reality, the tank is pretty much 1/35 scale. I realize there are 1/35 scale figures by Platz specifically for 1/35 scale tanks but they are too small (5mm in height), so I am going with this set up: 1/35 scale tanks with trading figures.

The length of real BT-42 is 5.7 meters (570cm). Length of GSC BT-42 is 15cm. Do the math. It’s damn close enough to call GSC BT-42 a 1/35 scale.

There is nothing too special about the tank. It's basically an assembled kit without any paintings. The turret can come off and it has a place to install a nendoroid specifically designed for this tank, but I won't be using that.

Meanwhile, I feel GSC BT-42 is too clean. No tank is that clean, even those in museums. Therefore, I’ve decided to get into airbrushing. Mind you that I’ve never used an airbrush before in my whole life, nevermind painting even. So, this is going to be a big step for me.

Additionally, I’ve decided to build the tanks instead of purchasing pre-made GSC ones. I’ve chosen this route because I’ve decided to get into airbrushing and GSC doesn’t have all tanks I need.
Besides, Tamiya tank kits are far cheaper and some are readily available in my country, Canada for cheap.

Russian tank, T-34, for an example, can be sourced at just 30 CAD from whereas I’d need to spend nearly 100CAD (shipping included) for either GSC pre-made or Platz T-34 kit, plus weeks of waiting for shipping.
The problem is, though, the decals. Platz Girls und panzer tank kits come with proper decals, but you can get those cheap from ebay. They come from China, so I am expecting it in a month or so.

Part 2 will be regarding building Tamiya T-34 1/35 scale kit and Max factory Katyusha & Nonna kit as well as my first venture into airbrushing. Since T-34 kit is cheap, I am prepared to ruin this tank.

Ultimately, if I can get a hang of airbrushing, I’d like to get into garage kits. I am actually having my eyes on Mikko & Mika garage kit.

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Thursday, 10 January 2019 00:00

Photograph: Mononoke spirits

When I saw a set of five tiny mononoke spirit dolls from some random seller on Ebay, a scene popped up in my mind. Now, the photo didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted but this was the best I could do.

Those dolls glows green in dark once it soaks up some sun light and I felt I could make the glow (fluorescence) work in the photo. Sadly though, it turned out that the glow was just too weak for my camera to catch. It couldn't even catch any light from the dolls in complete darkness. So, this was the alternative version I came up with.

The scene is that the spirits are looking up night sky. The bluish light would be moon shine.

There are actually five dolls (shown below). Four are sitting and the 5th one was standing. I couldn't get the standing one blend well with the rest, so he was omitted. I grabbed the dolls for 20 CAD (free shipping) on Ebay. I could find them cheaper on Amazon but they'd ship from China which meant that I'd need to wait around a month for them to arrive. I just didn't want to wait that long.

Yeeeeah, that's genuinely how I feel about this.

When I started collecting figures, I simply kept their original boxes with parts in. But, as my collection grew larger, I began to see what every figure collector would experience at one point: lack of storage space. I do have my basement to put more boxes in, but it's damp down there and spiders would likely somehow get into boxes and make boxes their home and whatnot.

So, I needed a solution and above is what I eventually came up with. I started to throw away boxes that I didn't feel worthy of keeping and started to gather parts in this transparent plastic box. This case is originally intended for small jewelries or so I read. It was sold as "jewelry box".

The downside of this solution was that I couldn't help feeling myself for being a mad doctor of some sort.

I mean, let us be honest here. What do you see? You see heads, arms, hands .... Then there is a bazooka (Thanks, Okita) and a mayonnaise bottle (Thanks, Hijikata). Whenever I need a figure changed, I'd open this box, pick out body parts and swap them out. If that is not what a mad doctor is, I don't know what else qualifies to be one.

Regardless, this solution works. It keeps out dust and other elements, and it keeps parts in an organized manner.

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