Okay, let's face it.

If you are a (straight) guy who is collecting various figures, you'd be lying if you haven't thought about collecting lewd figures. I mean there are gazillions of cute & gorgeous female figures around. It's only natural that a guy wants to collect those which are slightly more ...slutty.

This was how I exactly began my Queen's blade figure collection and I ultimately learned few stuff about such figures and decided to stop this collection entirely. So, this collection is incomplete but still has enough materials to warrant an entry.

There four are all made by Megahouse and are 1/8 scale.

First thing first ✌

Cast-off capable figures are hugely hit or miss. It's more miss than hit. Some figures are done brilliantly. However, many of these figures are made so poorly that you will wish why you spent your hard-earned money for crap. 

Now, these four aren't the only lewd figures I own, but this is the only "collection" based on a series that's entirely ecchi. The point of Queen's blade focuses on flesh more than its story.

Queen's blade has a LOT of characters (all females) but these four you see are from season 1.


Secondly ☃

I am not going to cover Ymir here. Yes, lore wise, she is in her 50s but she is a loli character. Someone without knowledge of Queen's blade will think Ymir's nude photos as CP. I don't want to risk that.

With that out of way, let me cover Leina and Elina first.

These two are the Vance sisters. Leina is on right. Elina is on left. Leina is the elder one. Leina is straight while Elina swings both ways. 

Now, as a figure, Leina sucks whereas Elina is fairly decent.

Taking off Elina's clothes is fairly painless while taking off Leina's armor pieces are a major pain in the butt. Leina's armor pieces also leaves heavy stain on her bare body. This is a huge NO-NO for cast off figures.

The entire point of cast-off capable figures is that you want to take their clothes on and off when required. Pieces leaving heavy paint stain means only one thing: Such figures are going to stay clothed.

Meanwhile, Elina's clothes don't leave any stain and she can actually be fully nude. However, her genital is not present. In fact, no Megahouse figures feature any form of genitalia. 

Above is Ymir (left) and Echidna (right). Ymir is a female dwarf and is, thus, a loli character. She is actually a better cast-off figure than Elina, but as I stated, I am not going to reveal her nude photos due to reasons stated earlier.

Echidna is a bad cast-of figure but still better than Leina. But her main issue doesn't stern from her cast-off pieces. This figure has overall balance issues and will fall off even with the slightest touch. Her arms will also fall off very easily and her snake thong is not secured at all, making the overall figure a train wreck waiting for happen.

If you trip the figure, her arms will fall off, her snake thong will fall off, and the whole figure itself will fall forward, leaving you a mess to clean up.

Her clothes pieces don't leave stain which is a good thing as a cast-off figure. But everything else is MEH.

The four figures are alright in their qualities. But their cast-off parts leave a lot to be desired, especially for Leina and Echidna. These figures can be sourced real cheap. They can all be found under 50USD if lucky.


Now, I realize that these are not high grade cast-off figures. Really good cast-off figures cost a lot more than these and are usually in 1/6 or 1/7 scale. Additionally, Megahouse isn't known for true lewd figures. Orchard seed, Embrace Japan, and etc specialize in real lewd figures. Regardless, I wanted to try them out without breaking a bank.

Another reason I stopped collecting any further Queen's blade figures is that I have no love for this series. The anime offers no substance. It's all about flesh.

In the end, this isn't for me. I won't be collecting any further lewd figures. I, uh, promise....

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 01:53

Toushirou Hijikata by Megahouse

You know, while there are a lot of male figures around, I don't think I've seen one that is as cool as this one. The figure oozes class.

This is Toushirou Hijikata from Gintama. This is a 1/8 scale by Megahouse. It has a height of 23cm.

The quality of this figure is top notch and this is the only figure I have that a katana is actually housed properly.

That's right. The katana is not just a decoration. You can actually pull it out and equip it on him after swapping out his arm. Look below.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this figure oozes class. Granted Hijikata is a cool guy in the series but he is way cooler as a figure. His solid expression coupled with his dignified pose mean this figure is really nice to look at in any angles.

This figure offers a fair amount of extra parts as well. His coat can be taken off and the box comes with a mayonnaise bottle as well as 2 cigarettes.


Overall, this figure is one of few that I have no complaints with. This is a A+ figure and you should definitely grab him if you are collecting Gintama figures. Once you get this figure, you won't need any other Hijitaka figures. Price is reasonable as well. You can find him from Ebay for around 70 ~ 100USD.

This is the one.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 01:09

Velvet Crowe by Kotobukiya

This is Velvet Crowe from Kotobukiya. Unfortunately, this is one without her demon arm. It doesn’t bother me too much though.

This is a 1/8 scale figure with height of 21cm.

I realize Alter has come out with their own Velvet figure but I had to have this one anyway because Velvet is a favorite character of mine since Yuri from Tales of Vesperia. I will probably get the Alter version as well in the future.

Vevlet is a rare character in Tales series because she is not morally locked. She is similar to Yuri in this sense. Both are morally flexible and will bend either way to get what they want even if it means killing someone in progress.

When I received the shipment and opened the box, the first thing I noticed was her bright pink lipstick.

Her lip color is not very noticeable under camera lights. However, in real world lightning, you will clearly see the rather bright pink lips.

I certainly did not or could not see this lip paint on pictures on the internet. After seeing this however, I looked at pictures on the internet and did notice a faint pink color on her lips. Again, her lips are a lot pinker than it appears on photo.

I feel like this is almost false advertising. But then we figure collectors know that we hardly get exactly what we want. The pink lips don't bother me too much. It's just that I didn't expect it. I really feel her face would have been better off without the lip color. I suppose it could have been worse. I do like a fact that they chose to make her face/expression fierce though.


Moving on, the figure is fully assembled from get-go. Even the base is attached to the figure when you take her out of the box, so there is nothing at all for you to do anything other than taking her out and display her.

Despite of the surprising pink lips, I am overall quite pleased with this figure. Face feels accurate enough and her pose is stable. I do see some minor faults on the black strings on her midriff but it's very hard to notice. I also see some painting faults on the red linings on her black cloak. The faults are quite minor and I am not going to make a big deal out of them.

This figure also has a lot of accessories (Belts, strings, chains, etc) that are tricky to paint, so I am going to be more forgiving.

Her hair is done well without any visible seams and the bandages look fine without any faults. Her plate boots look fine. The boots even feature finer surface texture under a certain light angle.

And with the figure having such a revealing outfit, I am going to mention her chest area. Despite of the revealing chest area, her breasts are actually quite small. I think it is actually smaller than what I saw from the game. For size comparison, Velvet's boobs are half size of Tear's. Let's just put it that way. :p

In a sense, there is nothing sexy about her outfit at all. All parts are properly covered and she's wearing shorts. It's just the way her outfit is arranged that makes it look sexy. In this sense, Magilou is just as sexy as Velvet.

Conclusion ☕

I am going to go ahead and claim that the Alter version will be better in quality but it will cost (a lot) more, probably. Priced at 130USD (But can be sourced for cheaper if lucky), this is considered a premium figure. This isn't a bad figure by any means. Her face is accurate and the overall aura coming from this figure is also accurate. Overall quality is passable although I wouldn't give this A+. I'd give it A-.

Sunday, 16 December 2018 02:58

Tales of Abyss collection

This is my Tales of Abyss figure collection.

Now, the game itself is not my favorite despite Abyss being the first Tales of game I played back in Playstation 2 days. But it isn't certainly the worst I've played. What this game has, though, is probably the best female lead character in the entire Tales of series.

I am talking about Tear Grants. She is probably the most complete as well as mature character in Tales. She is also probably the only female lead character who let her romantic feelings clearly known. Finally, as far as I know, Tear has the largest bust of any Tale of female characters. I have Velvet figure from Tales of Berseria and Tear's boobs are twice larger than Velvet's.


A, anyway, with that out of the way, let me begin.

This collection took me only 3 months. This was partially because there weren't too many figures to decide and collect. There are only three 1/8 scale characters to collect and the rest are trading figures.

Now, there was something I had to debate with myself when choosing Tear and Luke.

Tear has two scale figures. One is 1/8 scale by Kotobukiya. Another is 1/7 scale by Milestone. The Milestone one is of superior quality but being 1/7 scale means she is fairly large.

Now, as for Luke, Alter has made a fine 1/8 figure but his pose makes him short.

What this meant for me was that even Kotobukiya Tear would be taller than Luke by a fair bit. This wasn't something I was willing to accept because I planned to place them side by side. Then it came to my attention that Banpresto has made two versions of non-scale Luke. His scale was something similar to 1/9 scale and his height was only slightly shorter than Tear. 

In the end, despite Alter's superior quality, I went for Banpresto version of Luke.



But there are issues. Tales of Abyss is an old game. The game was released in 2005 and these figures were released around 2007 with no re-run done on any of them. So, all of the figures are well over 10 years old. 

While the bigger figures aren't showing any sign of age other than poorer paint job of the old, the trading figures are showing what appeared to be oil separation from paint. You can see how glossy the surface is from light reflections.



All of Abyss trading figures are showing oil separations. I believe this is due to how Kotobukiya mixed their paint. In comparison, Tales of Vesperia trading figures are not showing any oil separations. which are few years younger. Both sets of figures are made by the same company, so if Abyss trading figures are showing oil separations, so should Vesperia trading figures. But this is not the case which leads me to believe that it was how the paint was mixed back when they were working on Abyss trading figures.

My only gripe in this collection is the lack of a scale figure for Jade.

Oh, well.

Friday, 14 December 2018 17:15

Tales of Vesperia collection

Tales of Vesperia is my favorite #1 game in the whole series followed by Tales of Berseria.

Therefore, it didn't make me hesitate at all when I decided to collect its figures. It'a also worthwhile to note that Vesperia remains to be the only series in Tales of to have the most complete collection in figures.

Another notable trend in Vesperia figures is that all scale (1/8) figures are made by Alter who is known for its quality while all trading figures are made by Kotobukiya who has also done very decent job in the trading figures for this series. While it would really be nice to have a scale Judith join the ranks, it's quite hard to complain when you consider other Tales of games have got only few characters made into scale figures.

So, with that out of the way, let's get down to the business.


The scale figures are Yuri, Flynn, Raven, Estelle, and Rita. That's 5 of them. Juditch would have made this perfect but, again, I am not complaining.

With the game being remastered for new year of 2019, Alter has announced that they are making another Yuri figure with Repede in 1/8 scale. I pre-ordered this in spite of its high price tag. I ordered it just for Repede.

The scales figures are all excellent, top of line. The scale figures also come with a chibi counterpart which is exclusive only to Alter Vesperia figures. 



Really, Alter did excellent job here. The scale figures are gorgeous and the chibi figures are cute.

If I have to be anal about it, there are few faults on the figures. For an example, Estelle scale figure are not tightly connected to the base and will knock off its base if handled wrongly. And Yuri's blade scabbard is very loosely attached and will fall off by the slightest touch. Finally, Raven's bow is fragile as hell, so I am not even bothering to display it. But those are minor faults and nothing to go crazed about them.


Price wise, do expect to pay premium for the Alter figures. The trading figures are cheap on Ebay. Each one will cost about 20 USD a pop with some being more expensive due to being in higher demand or being rarer. Nevertheless, collecting the trading figures won't pose you an issue in general. It's the Alter figures that might make you want to pull your hair out.

Alter Estelle and Rita seem common enough to get them for around 100USD. Alter Flynn should be the cheapest because he is one of the least popular characters. Do expect to pay hefty sum for Yuri and Raven though. These are rather old figures by 2018 and no re-run has been done on any of them.


The whole collection took me around 2 years. Availability wasn't an issue. Price was though.

I haggled and struck bundle deals to save on shipping as well as lowering prices for figures themselves. The overall progress was slow and that's why it took 2 years to get them all. This is overall a good collection, for me at least. I tend to like it when male and female ratio is well balanced.  Why do I say this? Because I also have God Eater collection where male to female figure ratio is very unbalanced.

Now, I don't mind females themselves but I am a believer of a brief that females shine better among males instead of just female figures standing next to each other.

Well, each to their own, I guess.

Friday, 14 December 2018 04:57

Persona 4 collection

This is my Persona 4 figure collections. All available characters have been gathered. This includes the entire main cast along with the main antagonist and a supporting character (Nanako).

This collection has taken me about a year, not because the figures were hard to get, but because I sometimes lost interest in it mid way due to other,  more desirable, figures becoming available along the way. I am sure you can understand this if you are a figure collector.

Below is the list of characters in this collection. (First / Last name order)

1. Yuu Narukami (The guy in middle w/ light gray hair)

2. Chie Satonaka (The girl standing on one leg)

3. Yosuke Hanamura (A guy with a headset)

4. Yukiko Amagi (The girl with long dark hair, plus red top)

5. Kanji Tatsumi (The dude with a chair)

6. Nanako Dojima (The little girl with a stack of TVs)

7. Teddie (Bear?)

8. Rise Kujikawa (The girl pointing at Kanji)

9. Naoto Shirogane (The girl in deep thoughts)

10. Tohru Adachi (The dude with cabbage in a bag)

11. Marie (The girl sitting on the books)


Popular characters were made by Megahouse which inevitably means higher quality with 1/8 scale. Yuu, Chie, Rise, and Yukiko are by Megahouse. 

Tohru is a unique case where a small company produced him in a proper scale. Tohru is not a popular figure but is a rather niche character. All other ones are by either Taito or Sunny sideup with an exception Marie who is made by SEGA in also non-scale.

What this ultimately means for collectors is that some planning is required to make the whole collection somewhat coherent in size.



For an example, Naoto has two choices. One is by Taito (1/10 scale-ish) and another by Sunny sideup (1/7 scale-ish). I ultimately chose Sunny sideup version for its pose despite her being really out of scale compared to others. On the other hand, Naoto by Taito was simply too small. Ah, yes, I did acquire Naoto by Taito but sold her on Ebay soon after. Naoto's height is around 150cm while Rise is around 155cm. So, she should not be taller than Rise but she is anyway in the photo below. This is due to Naoto being around 1/7 scale whereas Rise is 1/8 scale. However, positioning can solve this when displayed in a glass unit.



Price wise, Megahouse figures are the most expensive ones. The most expensive figure in this collection is Chie due to her being sold out early and thus becoming very rare. By now, expect to shell out more than 200USD for her figure, brand new. At the same time, Yuu and Yukiko are fairly inexpensive due to far lesser demand. In fact, I grabbed Yukiko for about 40USD. However, Yukiko figure isn't the best. Her figure has got some faults as well as fundamental design issues.



Rise patches about the normal price for a 2010-ish Megahouse figure which is about 100USD. She is also the most sexy figure with skirt being cast off. I will cover more on her later. You can also see her panties from only slightly lower angle. That's how short her skirt is. 

To be fair, Chie's shirt is just as short but she wears a black shorts. Yukiko's shirt is more reasonable length but still very short when you think in realism.

What I am trying to say this that their skirts are way too short when worn in real world which is quite frankly nothing new nowadays.

Good news (or bad for some) is that bust sizes of all girls are reasonable.



Tohru Adachi is made by a small company called "Contribe" which as far as I know released only few handful of figures. I am not even sure whether the company is still active at this point. The quality of his figure is good. The box comes with a bonus (insane face) and an extra hand that's holding a gun. The main issue with Tohru figure is the base. The base joint is very long and is plastic. This is literally a recipe for disaster because the joint will be easy to break if handled wrong. Don't ever take the figure off the base once installed. That's the only way to ensure that you won't break the joint.

Kanji is the tallest character in Persona 4. But him being made by Taito means his scale is more of 1/10. Still his pose throws you off his rather tiny size in addition to his naturally larger size. Therefore, he barely makes the cut to be with other 1/8 scale figures.



The two sexy girls of Persona 4 are Rise Kujikawa (Left) and Chie Satonaka (Right). The game (or anime series or even manga) sexualizes both in a very different way. Rise is openly sexualized because of her status as a popular idol. it becomes too much to handle for her at which point she flees from the spot light - that's where she meets up with Yuu and Co.

Chie Satonaka is, bluntly put, a tomboy. Her short hair, her love for kung-fu and actually doing the moves (usually on Yosuke), and her self-awareness of her uncertain femininity play out badly for her in early part of the game. 

In my opinion though, Satonaka is my favorite character of all Persona series. She may feel uncertain about her femininity but that's her charm.

Since we are on a topic of femininity, I will bring up Yukiko who is the most lady-like but is quite literally deprived of boys' attentions. I could tell she really enjoyed Yuu's company. The reason she can't get any is due to her position as a heir to a very popular inn. She is expected to inherit her mother's business and public expectation of her is an elegant woman which Yukiko in fact is. But she's only a teen. Teenagehood is that period of our lives where we flirt. She couldn't flirt or be flirted and this becomes a main issue for her later on.



I also must mention Chie Satonaka figure's issue. The figure itself is excellent. However, the figure, being secured on one foot with her weight balance leaning sideways, dangles A LOT even from subtle environmental vibrations. This will weaken her point to its base on her foot and will break off eventually. A way to delay this is by using her second upper body (Summer uniform) which moves her center of weight to more center, making the figure more stable. But the figure will still dangle.



Above is my collection in a display unit. I ran out of space and some positional sacrifices had to be made but overall I am pleased how everything turned out. It wasn't the smoothest collecting I've experienced though because of figure choices i had to make along with few SAL shipments taking 90+ (!!!) days to arrive. But it's done.

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